Destroy All Cinematics: Brain Zoo Studios Goes Big at E3 2008
Product: Brain Zoo Studios at E3 2008
Company: Brain Zoo Studios
Date: 07/12/2008
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VAN NUYS, Calif., - July 11, 2008 - The work of Brain Zoo Studios, a leading digital media animation studio, will be showcased across the show floor at this year's E3. Fans anticipating the mysterious Alpha Protocol from Sega for the PC and next-gen consoles will be treated to a cinematic showcase produced by Brain Zoo Studios for the title. Additionally, the highly anticipated Pandemic titles Mercs 2: World in Flames and the all-new Destroy All Humans: Path of Furon cinematics are on display in respective publisher booths, all animated by Brain Zoo Studios.

"The show floor is where fans and industry alike get to see the upcoming titles either for the first time or in their polished state," said Mo Davoudian, president and CEO of Brain Zoo Studios. "We've been working hard all year to bring them the best representations they can expect from these awesome titles, and we're proud to be showcasing our best work yet." Brain Zoo's work on each project included taking projects from a script and creating it from scratch - including creation of concept art, asset generation, visual style, art direction, motion capture and direction.

Brain Zoo Studios recently lent production expertise to the Winx Club animated feature which released in Europe last December and was the creative force behind last year's award-winning Lost Planet: Extreme Condition trailer.

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