Wright Measures God
Product: Spore
Company: Maxis
Date: 07/18/2008
Avaliable On:

At EA’s Press Conference, Will Wright took the stage to talk about his upcoming project, Spore. Since the Spore: Creature Creator launched a few weeks ago, it has seen an amazing amount of community support. With thousands of new species being created all the time, and in strange configurations that even the developers marvel over, Spore is one of the few games at this year’s E3 that is making people stand up and take notice.

Wright commented that the number of species in the community grew so fast, that it exceeded the number of known species in 18 days. Wright and his team jokingly developed a new measuring stick for this phenomenon. Since it took God seven days to create this many species, the Spore community calculates out to 38% of G (for God). Basically, G is the rate in which species are created in a universe, and it is Wright’s hope to one day see a Spore community that meets or even exceeds G after the game is actually released.

Wright also pointed out that, even though the Creature Creator has several limitations based on the lack of certain type of body parts, players were able to create some of the most unusual creatures like robots, skeletal animals (thanks to a previously unknown exploit) and vehicles. To this last one, Wright said he couldn’t wait to see what the community would do when they got to play with the actual Vehicle Creator Tool.

Wright concluded his presentation with a new trailer for the upcoming game that followed a young, single-celled organism's growth, migration onto land and eventually into space.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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