Viva Las Vegas
Product: This is Vegas
Company: Midway
Date: 07/19/2008
Avaliable On:

What does an average Vegas-loving guy do when he finds out some businessman is buying up the city and making it more "family friendly"? Well, he works as hard as he can to rack up as much cash and become the next big thing in the town in order to restore it to its glory days, of course. And that is the premise behind Midway’s new game, This is Vegas.

As you build your empire, you will party at the hottest clubs, make VIP connections, get rich at high stakes tables and, of course, make a lot of enemies.

This is Vegas is an open world game that features everything from the strip itself to the high detailed casinos and clubs. If you get a club pumping, then you get to see the dance floor fill, the bar get packed and a line form out the door. When you start doing well at the tables, you will find babes on your arms, clothes in the hippest styles and be granted access to all the VIP areas. The city reacts to your choices and the better your business ventures turn out, the more like the old days it becomes.

During the game, your character will also come across various "Vegas Moments." These are times when you will have to drop thousands of dollars on a hand of blackjack, or taking an Italian sports car on the strip. This combined with the business deals you will have to make while being seen at the right clubs with the right people is how you will earn your bankroll and build your empire. It’s all about your reputation.

Check out the full version of this map at flickr.

Expect to see This is Vegas on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2009.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

GameVortex PSIllustrated