Product: Bangai-O Spirits, Shaun the Sheep
Company: D3
Date: 07/22/2008
Avaliable On:

D3 Publishers had three Nintendo DS exclusives to show off at this years E3, Shaun the Sheep, Bangai-O Spirits and Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2.

Shaun the Sheep is based off of the award winning show of the same name created by Aardman Animation (most famous for works like Wallace and Grommet, Flushed Away and Creature Comforts). You will control Shaun as he tries to find the rest of his flock before his farmer gets home. The game will let you interact with various characters from the Disney Channel series like Shirley, Timmy and Bitzer. You will also travel through familiar locations from the show like the junk pile, sheep pool and circus tent.

Shaun the Sheep will feature three different gameplay modes including Story Mode, Mini-Games and Collection Mode. The mini-games include Baath Time and Flock n Roll as well as eight collectible slide puzzles that feature stills from the series. Plus, the game has the look and feel of an Aardman Animation production, so anyone who is a fan of their style should definitely keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, Bangai-O Spirits is created by eccentric fan-favorite Japanese developer TREASURE. It is a re-imagination of the cult classic 90s game Bangai-O. The game has more than 160 levels that are full of strategic and tactical elements, and comes across as an addictive twitch-based shooter. The game also provides players with a level editor tool, ad hoc wireless multiplayer (up to four players) and a new Sound Load technology. This new technology allows DS gamers to swap levels, game footage replays or high score statistics by converting the data into a sound file that is output through the host DS speaker.

As for Path of the Ninja 2, you can see our in-depth preview of this game on GameVortex.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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