Ben 10 Again
Product: Ben 10: Alien Force
Company: D3
Date: 07/22/2008
Avaliable On:

Ben 10: Alien Force will follow the events of the new series which takes place several years after the original Ben 10 show when Ben packed up the Omnitrix and retired from the hero world. But when his Grandpa Max disappears, itís up to Ben, Gwen and Kevin Eleven (yup, thatís right, not only did he escape the Null Void, but he is good now) in an exciting adventure to get rid of a brand new threat to Earth.

The five aliens that Ben can turn into for this game include Swampfire, Jet Ray, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey and Big Chill. This, plus Gwenís energy manipulation and Kevinís ability to absorb materials, will be necessary in order to stop the alien invaders. The DS version will even feature exclusive content as several other alien forms are available to them: Echo Echo, Chromastone and Goop.

Ben 10: Alien Force will be released this Fall on the DS, Wii, PSP and PS2.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

GameVortex PSIllustrated