More Painkillers Please
Product: Painkiller: Resurrection
Company: DreamCatcher Interactive
Date: 06/10/2009
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Dreamcatcher was able to show off their latest stand-alone expansion pack to their long-lasting FPS title, Painkiller: Resurrection, and not only does it offer the same good-old shooting fun that it has in the past, but the developers have spent time listening to their fan-base to bring them more of what they want.

PK: Resurrection's main focus was on enhancing the game's multiplayer experience. The new expansion will feature all of the original multiplayer maps from the previous releases as well as an additional 10 maps. It will support up to 32 players for games like Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing. The new singleplayer experience will also include co-op capabilities and classic weapons like the Painkiller and the Stake Gun have been brought back (something highly asked for by the fans). But what will really help the game's multiplayer community is the inclusion of an SDK, so level-modders out there might want to start looking at Painkiller for their next projects.

But the expansion also offers quite a bit on the singleplayer side as well. Three new chapters are being added for about 15 new levels overall, and of course there are a few new weapons in store for the players as well. The developer with me at the demo kiosk emphasized the team's efforts to come up with new weapons that were unique combinations of standard guns. Things like combining an uzi with an assault rifle, or creating a rocket launcher that fired three projectiles at once.

What is nice about Painkiller, as well as Painkiller: Resurrection ,is that it isn't a system breaker, but it still looks really good. The development team gave the game a graphical overhaul, but it can still use older graphics cards to do the job. Plus the total package is small enough that Dreamcatcher is considering digital distribution at $19.99. So those of you who have been following PK and its previous expansion packs should definitely keep an eye on this title.

Oh, and one last thing, it was hinted that Resurrection is planned to be the last expansion pack for this game before the development team focuses on a true sequel, so expect to start hearing something about that in the next couple of years.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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