From Puzzles to Sims to British Whims
Product: RoogooTwisted Towers, My Baby 2, Horrid Henry
Company: Southpeak Interactive
Date: 06/15/2009
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Southpeak was showing some unusual games at E3, the least of which was their baby-raising sim, My Baby 2: Boy & Girl for the Wii and DS. Here, you get to raise your virtual baby, a boy or girl, from the ages of 1 to 3 years old. The demo I saw had your young one lying in his crib, unable to fall asleep. Our task was to get the baby's attention and to read him a book, turning pages and such until he falls asleep, sometimes soothing him with our voice. Success means the baby naps, failure comes when he cries instead. This is just the tip of the iceberg as you'll watch your baby progress from crawling to walking, while trying to put everything in between into it's mouth. You can customize your baby's look and clothes and even furniture and the child will react to you as you interact using the stylus, touch screen, and the mic. Little mommies in training get their chance this holiday season.

Roogoo Twisted Towers is a puzzle-based game releasing this Summer that pits the Roogoo clan against the fallen Roogoo, now known as Meemoo. But you don't care about the story, do you? You just want to know if its fun. Well, you are presented with a tower of platform levels, each one with multiple shaped openings. Shaped meteors will drop from above and you are tasked with rotating the platforms so that the meteor drops on its matching opening as it flows down through the levels. Think Tetris blended with that wacky plastic ball we all had when we were babies where you fit the plastic shapes into the correct openings. There are over 100 levels in 10 different environments and by hooking up the DS version, Roogoo Attack, you can unlock 40 more levels. Look for fast and frantic gameplay coming your way soon on both the Wii and the DS.

Brave: A Warrior's Tale is back and improved for the 360, Wii and DS. They've revamped the graphics and added levels for the August 2009 release. Take possession of various animals as you romp through 15 levels of forests, caves, deserts and the spirit world in 20-25 hours of gameplay.

Finally, we got a glimpse of Horrid Henry, the side-scrolling platformer based on the British book series of the same name. Although releasing for the PC, Wii and DS, the demo I saw was the DS version where Henry is avoiding his babysitter and has to jump from bookshelf to table top to acquire certain items. All I can say is Henry's attitude is pretty horrid.

We'll bring you full reviews of these titles as the release.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

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