SplitFish Announces New Split Controllers for PS3
Product: FragFX V2, Dual SFX Evolution, Dual SFX Frag Pro
Company: Splitfish Gameware Inc.
Date: 06/18/2009
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Splitfish Gameware has some products that are first being shown here at E3 2009, such as Version 2 of their FragFX controller, for the PS3. Splitfish claims that there have been significant improvements over the previous version, fueled by feedback given by loyal FragFX V1 users. The FragFX V2 will also serve as a fully optimized mouse for browsing and navigation in PlayStation HOME and with the PlayStation Network.

On hand during the show to demonstrate what he likes about the FragFX V2 was Dennis Dozier (AKA "DD"), one of the top ranked Call of Duty players in the world, and a member of Splitfish’s dominating pro-gaming team, Team Frag. DD pointed out that one of his favorite features is the on-the-fly sensitivity, which allows you to adjust the mouse's response for specific actions, such as sniping from a long distance. Another feature that he was excited about is the adjustable auto-fire feature; he said that this feature, when properly used, can make your standard handgun (i.e., last resort weapon) actually useful and capable of finishing off an enemy reasonably quickly.

Also shown first at E3 2009 were Splitfish's Dual SFX Evolution and Dual SFX Frag Pro, the latest additions to its line of controllers for the PS3. The Dual SFX Frag Pro improves upon the FragFX by making the system wireless. An ergonomic laser mouse provides PC-like accuracy and easy PS Home navigation, while the left-hand grip provides full SIXAXIS motion control. Like the FragFX, the Dual SFX Frag Pro includes completely customizable settings, letting gamers precisely choose their preferred sensitivity.

Designed specifically with flight, sports and driving titles in mind, the Dual SFX Evolution features a right-hand motion/analog joystick controller and an updated version of the "Fragchuck" from the original FragFX providing two simultaneous levels of gaming control.

Both the Dual SFX Frag Pro and the Dual SFX Evolution include dynamic sensitivity adjustments, analog stick swap ability, full support for all PS3 games, as well as PS2 games played on PS3, and upgradeable firmware.

Check back for in-depth reviews of the FragFX V2, Dual SFX Frag Pro and the Dual SFX Evolution when they hit the market.

Geck0 aka Robert Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated