There's No "I" in Tron


One of the interesting things about Tron was that it was the first movie to be launched simultaneously with a videogame of the same license. This made Tron a landmark in multi-media collaboration and integration. Now, Trion Worlds is taking this concept and running with it... and then some...

Trion Worlds' third and most groundbreaking title to date, currently under development, is an action-focused MMO based on a new intellectual property being developed in conjunction with the Syfy television network. Note the phrasing there: "being developed in conjunction with the Syfy television network." Whereas Tron (and countless movie/videogame releases since) started with a script for a movie and built the game with elements from the movie, and other movies have been made based on established games... Trion Worlds' latest game and the Syfy television show of the same IP are being cooperatively developed, interactively written and simultaneously released.

The universe of characters, alien races, organizations, environments and technologies will be shared between the game and the show. Events that take place in the show will be reflected in the game. Furthermore, occurrences that take place in the MMO (according to players' actions, mind you) will affect and influence the course of the show.

According to the press release, more news and information on this project will be forthcoming from Trion and Syfy in the future. I was desperately hoping to get more information at my appointment with Trion Worlds at E3 2010, but, as it turns out, the timetable for this one makes it more likely that details will be shared next E3. Darn those forward-looking statements! Now I'm totally stoked and piqued for more info on this project. Oh, well... when I hear more, you'll be the first to know...

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