As a Bit Might Say... Yesyesyesyes!


I was a big fan of TRON back in the day. Now, I'm much bigger and very much still a fan, despite the fact that I posses a physique that removes a TRON costume from my Halloween options... for fear that I could be mistaken for that guy...

However, just because I can't look like TRON doesn't mean my computer system has to suffer the same limitations. I was very excited to see this come across the wire and, although it wasn't technically announced until after E3 had concluded, I think it's exciting news that belongs alongside the PDP TRON-themed controllers for consoles.

"TRON: Legacy is a cutting-edge film with a unique futuristic feel, and we wanted to create products with new technology and high-end design that live up to what you will see on screen," said Chris Heatherly, VP of toys and electronics, Disney Consumer Products. "This is not a typical movie line. We're working exclusively with trailblazers who normally do not do movie merchandise, but they believed so passionately in TRON that they jumped at the chance to help us make great products."

Razer, a high-end PC gaming peripherals company, has an established reputation for creating the world's most precise and advanced tools for gaming. And, despite making no mention (not even a hint) at E3, Razer has now announced new TRON: Legacy gaming peripherals, including an ergonomic gaming mouse incorporating Razer's 5600dpi 3.5g gaming grade sensor, a gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro capabilities as well as a detachable keypad, and a high precision mouse mat - all designed to create the ultimate gaming experience featuring highly detailed finishes and lighting effects.

Suggested retail prices for Razer's products in the TRON: Legacy line range in price from $79 USD to $139 USD and TRON products will be available at retail beginning this October and will be showcased at the San Diego Comic Con International Convention next month giving fans an exclusive first look.

TRON Gaming Peripherals