Not All Templar are Bad


Is it me, or do the Templar always seem to get a bad rap? Iíd have to bang my head against the wall a few times just to begin to think of a game, movie or book where they arenít portrayed as megalomaniacal jerks with visions of one world order. The First Templar doesnít set out to prove not all Templar are bad guys, but it does show thereís a little more to the order than popular culture would like us to believe.

The First Templar is an action-adventure game set during the Dark Ages. The story, which is based in history (though there are a few slight deviations), follows the rise of the Knights Templar and their search for the Holy Grail. At their backs is the ever-present shadow of the Spanish Inquisition, which seeks to use paranoia as a means of controlling the populace.

The First Templarís campaign can be tackled either as a solo endeavor or in two-player co-op. Similar to Resident Evil 5, players can drop in and out of gameplay at any time, handing the reigns over to A.I. control. Though the plot centers on a young knight, the second player will control at least two characters. In the beginning, the knight is joined by his mentor, Roland. Eventually the duo will rescue a young woman who will then assume the mantle of the knightís companion. Characters feature their own skill sets and combat tactics. The knight is a melee fighter armed with a sword and shield, while the woman is more adept with a bow.

Since The First Templar is based around real world events, skills are limited to real world abilities. For instance, Roland can hold enemies back while the knight clobbers them. Characters also earn power as they connect with swings, unlocking powerful combat strikes and techniques.

The demo on display at Kalypso Mediaís booth was still in early stages, but shows a lot of promise. A few issues still need to be worked out, but the core mechanics seemed to be in place.

The First Templar is slated for release next year on PC and 360.

The First Templar
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