Have Ghillie Suit, Will Travel


Releasing on the Xbox 360 and PC in just a few short days, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is just what youíve been looking for if you are more comfortable all by your lonesome with nothing more than a ghillie suit and a long-range sniper rifle, than you are with a team of military commandos locked and loaded with an arsenal of guns. And I totally am.

Youíll be strapping on your combat boots to restore order to a small tropical island nation than has become overrun with military hostile. Youíll battle through lush jungles, but also oil rigs and small villages. As you make your way across the island, youíll notice subtle changes such as day turning to night, differences in the weather and things like that which might just throw a kink in a sniperís works. Youíll be responsible for monitoring wind direction and speed, as well as the distance to your target, just like any good sniper would. Thereís a pulse meter to keep track of so that your pulse doesnít go over 80, which would spell disaster for a sniper Ė shaky hands and heavy breathing are a no-no. Running and being shot will raise it as well, so slow and steady wins the game. If the enemies happen to be alerted to your presence, itís pretty much game over since they will continue to pursue you until they find you, so this one is best played at a very stealthy pace.

If you can pull off that all-important and rare double kill or the more common (if you are good, that is) perfect head shot, youíll be treated to the Bullet Cam, a slow-mo cinematic of your bullet coursing its way to its final resting place, as well as the damage that it causes. Itís quite satisfying, to say the least.

In addition to your trusty sniper rifle, you will be able to pick up dropped enemy weapons and will have options like a silenced or a high-calibur rifle, plus a pistol and throwing knives, which you can pick back up again if they miss their mark, provided they havenít been damaged. Youíll also have access to Claymore mines and the occasional C4 to get your job done. If youíd rather play with others, thereís always multiplayer with 12-person battles on 6 maps.

Look for Sniper: Ghost Warrior to stealth its way onto shelves on 6/29/10 for the PC and 360 and stay tuned for the full review coming very soon!

Sniper: Ghost Warrior
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