Sometimes We Must Wear Crazy Pants!


So I saw this guy on the show floor with these crazy black and white zebra-printed long shorts on and his lady friend had matching zebra leggings. But then again, you can see just about anything at E3, so I didn’t think anything of it. What I didn’t realize is I was seeing Pro Golf Master John Daly and his gal, taking a break from being in the O-Games booth promoting John Daly’s ProStroke. Later on, when I went to the booth to check out the game for myself, I saw John and his wacky shorts, along with all of the PR reps in the booth who were wearing wildly printed golf pants straight from the game. You gotta love a game that has fun with itself. But how does it play?

Well, if there’s one thing O-Games knows, it’s golf. They’ve been doing golf games since the PS2 (we still have our old PS2 ProStroke Golf Setup) and they know their sport. Pair an accurate golf game with the PlayStation Move motion controller and you’ve got a winning combination on your hands. John Daly has not only placed his name on the product, but his signature moves as well. You can play with John’s “Grip It and Rip It” swing and, of course, his zany wardrobe appears in the game too.John Daly’s ProStroke, you’ll get the tightest and most accurate control possible because you can take everything into consideration and tweak things like club face angle and your stance for exactly the shot you want. You can choose to play as John Daly or against him with one of the other players in 16 golf courses, and as you play, you’ll hear commentary from familiar voices in golf. What I liked about it is that even people like me who aren’t that great at either real or video game golf can have fun with the game. Sure, I’m not the best, but using the PlayStation Move, putting is pretty easy to get the swing of (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Depending on which character you select, you’ll notice that John does a little bit better than the average player, you know, just like in real life. If you want to practice your digital golf game in the privacy of your own home, but still get to see John and his on-the-green antics, John Daly’s ProStroke will be right up your alley and since it will be a launch title for the PlayStation Move, you won’t have too long a wait ahead of you. John Daly’s ProStroke also releases for the PC and 360, and my assumption is it will work with the Kinect, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

John Daly’s ProStroke