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2K Play is hoping to reach out to not only kids, but all members of the family with its offerings at this yearís E3. Whether you are looking for a game the entire family can play together, something to get your kids off the couch and moving around, or simply something that showcases their favorite characters, 2K Play has got you covered.

For the kid in all of us, thereís New Carnival Games, for both the Wii and the DS. I got hands-on time with the Wii version, which contains over 30 carnival games that make full use of the Wiiís MotionPlus capabilities. Whether you are doing the Pitch-A-Plate (plate toss), Alley Ball (skee-ball), Tic-Tac-Toss or Bumper Cars, every member of the family can join in and have their own version of a carnival right in their living room. And what would a carnival be without cool prizes? There are over 300 prizes to collect including goodies like moon rocks and decoder rings, and wearables like a Rabbit Ears or a Walrus Mask. Letís just hope carnies arenít an unlockable. Step right up for the Big Show in September of this year.

Ok, so your arms are getting limber from throwing that skee-ball and scoring a lot of points? Well, itís time to intensify things just a bit with Nickelodeon Fit! Imagine a game designed to get kids moving and off the couch for the requisite 60 minutes a day, all using their favorite Nick characters and cleverly designed as a Wii video game. Well, thatís the gist of Nickelodeon Fit. It takes over 30 games with characters like Diego, Dora, the Backyardigans and Kai-lan and has them working your kids out when they donít even know it. Using the Balance Board and the Wii-Mote, Nickelodeon Fit has the kids either biking with Dora, river rafting with Diego, running with Kai-lan or jumping rope with the Backyardigans. The time the child spends on exercise is tracked so parents can monitor their childrenís progress and the kids just think itís all about having fun. The game places a combined emphasis on heart health, balance, coordination, endurance, cardio and strength building for a complete fitness experience thatís all about fun.

But thatís not all. In celebration of Dora the Explorerís 10th Birthday this year, 2K Play is releasing Doraís Big Birthday Adventure for the Wii and PS2 in November and for the DS in August. Dora and Boots get stuck in storybook land and the only way sheíll make it to her party is to find a way out. Kids will use both characters to navigate the magical land through various platforming events in the hopes of making it back to the party on time. The DS version will have kids using the touch screen functions to tap, scribble, drag and trace their way to the party. Doraís Big Birthday Adventure will use voice talent from the show, so you know kids who are fans will be into it.

For those kids who are fans of the Cooking Mama series, thereís Doraís Cooking Club. But kids wonít just be preparing their favorite recipes in over 30 mini-games. Theyíll also encounter basic Pre-K and Kindergarten math such as simple fractions, counting and sorting. Parents can track their childís progress here as well. It seems like a stretch to make math fun, at least to me, but if anything could get kids into math, itís a Cooking Mama-styled game!

Last, but certainly not least, is Go, Diego, Go! Mega Bloks Build and Rescue, where little Diego must use Mega Bloks (giant Legos, for the uninitiated) to rescue animals using the huge blocks to explore, get past obstacles, solve puzzles and rescue animals. As Diego, kids will be able to build a truck, hang glider, submarine and snow mobile to aid them in their quest to save all of the animal friends. As they play, kids will get to learn about animals and their habits and environments. Look for Mega Bloks Build and Rescue on the Nintendo DS in November.

If youíve got a kid who is into Nick, you need to have 2K Play on your radar this Fall. Stay tuned for full reviews as they release.

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