TellTale Tells No Tales


Just before E3 started, an interesting bit of news hit the wire. It seems as though one of my favorite companies, TellTale Games, had once again found exactly the right licenses to make me appreciate their company even more. This announcement said that the episodic gaming company had partnered with Universal in order to bring the time-traveling adventures of Marty McFly, as well as those about an island filled with dinosaurs, into their product lineup.

So needless to say, when it came time to go to our TellTale appointment, we wanted to know everything we could about their upcoming Back to the Future and Jurassic Park games. While the company had a lot to show us, mainly it was a game they hope to develop into a series called Puzzle Agent, and very little was said about the two Universal licenses.

What we were able to get out of the representatives was general comments about how excited they were to get the chance to do the games, and their promises that they would do the properties justice. I pretty much knew both of these points. I mean, what game developer wouldn’t want a chance to play with either of those movie trilogies, and TellTale’s reputation for giving fans a license what they want in a license is unblemished. What we really wanted to know were details like the art style, and how the games would fit into the time lines of the movies, but alas, the word was mostly mum.

When asked about the expected visual style, all we got were comments about exploring a few different possibilities, and once again they assured us that they will do what would be best both for the movies and the game.

We found this pretty odd, as all of this lack of solid answers implied that the development team wasn’t really sure what direction they would go, which is fine and all, but it really seems like the pre-E3 announcement was a bit premature. Sure, it did a lot to drive up hype, both for TellTale and the games themselves, but they had to realize that this would drum up a lot of questions, and what they gave us left a somewhat bitter taste in our mouths.

All of this might sound like I am ragging TellTale, but I’m not... not really. I have faith that what they will release will be good and will be faithful to the license and fun for the fans. I know that when the first episodes become available to download, I will look back at this article and say “What was I worried about?” I guess I’m just letting the inner-fan-boy out to stretch his legs a bit as I sit waiting for any bit of data I can glean off of random comments or looks by TellTale staffers, but I guess I will have to be content with the little bit I do know, for now at least. What we do know is that Back to the Future’s pilot episode will come out before Jurassic Park (though if all of Back to the Future will come out before we see any JP is unclear) and we should expect McFly’s next adventure to be available in Winter.

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