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Our hero from the first three Gothic games has ruled over the world for a decade, but instead of being the benevolent ruler he should have been, the darkness that took hold in the previous game has made his rule a dark one. So dark, in fact, the events of Arcania: Gothic 4 are all about taking your revenge on the very character you played as before.

Last year’s article on Arcania: Gothic 4 focused a lot on how the developers at JoWood reconsidered the mechanics of the game and made it more appealing to the American audience. At that time, we discussed everything from changes to the U.I. to a stronger lean on main quests over side quests. This year though, we got to play some of the game, and see how the adventure gets started.

Gothic 4 starts off with your new nameless character trying to convince his love’s father that they should be together. As a result, you are sent off on a few simple quests in order to prove your worth, but by the time you return to show your value, something has gone horribly wrong. It seems that all of your character’s village has been destroyed, and it seems like the king is the one to blame. So you set off on a quest for vengeance.

Gothic 4 strives to rejuvenate the series for the American audience while keeping faithful to the story for those gamers who already follow the title (mostly those in European markets). Because of this, the story itself doesn’t require a whole lot of foreknowledge of the universe, especially since you will be starting the game off with a whole new character. It will be interesting to see how both markets react to the game, and hopefully it will be enough of a success to warrant more Gothic RPG goodness.

Arcania: Gothic 4
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