Craft Your Own Spells, Potions and Equipment


Two Worlds II is not just a sequel to the previous RPG title, but it goes farther by providing some interesting mechanics that will make the game a vastly different experience for everyone who plays.

That mechanic is the ability to not simply use a preset series of spells, potions and equipment, but to use the raw materials found in the game to create whole new combinations of items and generate tons of abilities from scratch.

We got to play with a few of these combinations while at Southpeak’s booth. When we combined a fireball projectile spell with a summoning spell, and gave that fireball the ability to bounce around the screen, what we got was an amazing blast of fire that not only hit several enemies, but also summoned massive scorpions to fight alongside us.

Other spell combinations included the a wind storm and anvils to cause a swarm of anvils to fly around the screen and damage anything they hit, and what’s best is that this complex combination of ingredients isn’t just limited to spells. You can create your own potions based on bits you find in the world, and each potion can have a vastly different effect based on what you put into it.

Two Worlds II strives to be the next big RPG, and I think this ability to combine such a wide variety of spell, item, or potion parts into bigger and more complex elements is just the mechanic to make gamers take notice.

Outside of the crafting aspects of Two Worlds II, players can choose to play as either a rogue, mage, warrior, ranger or even create your own class by mashing up skills from the other classes. What’s better is that the game seems to be pretty forgiving when it comes to point allotment. When you get to certain locations in the game, you can “forget” various skills and have the points that went to those skills be re-allotted to other abilities.

Two Worlds II also features a couple of multiplayer modes that let you either work with a friend to complete a quest, or go head-to-head in a PvP arena to see whose crafted spells do the most damage.

Two Worlds II
Southpeak Interactive