Downloadable FPS with X-Ray Vision


Blacklight: Tango Down is Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studioís downloadable, multiplayer, FPS title that will change the way you approach a map altogether.

While the idea of being able to see through walls isnít new by any means, I donít think Iíve seen the feature work so well and feel so right as it did during my demo of Tango Down. Activating your character's Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) is as simple as tapping Up on the D-pad, and while this vision will grant you some clarity on your enemies' positions, there are some checks and balances to keep the mechanic from becoming too powerful.

These limitations include the inability to actually use your weapon while the HRV is activated. This means you are basically a sitting duck, and finding just the right moment to activate the device is a major portion of the game. The other aspect that Zombie put in to help even the playing field is the fact that the HRV can only be used for a short period at a time.

Blacklight: Tango Down also offers another interesting new tool, the Digi-Grenade. This projectile produces a field of energy that causes that part of the world to appear pixelated in your helmet. While that might sound like a neat portable cover system, it can also cause major damage to anyone in the field for a sustained amount of time. Put simply, walking into the lingering distortion will fry your circuits and force you to respawn.

While playing on one of the gameís four four-player maps, it became really obvious what the tactical advantages of this extra-sight could mean. I found myself constantly backing into a corner, tapping the (Up) button, doing a quick scan and running straight towards an opponent. While I am not typically good in online FPS matches, I found that I was able to rack up quite a few frags before my time limits on the demo (about nine minutes) wrapped up.

Of course, once the game hits the streets in July, many of the people on the servers will quickly figure out the best ways to use the new mechanic and I wonít have the tactical advantage of playing against various E3 attendees who wander onto a random kiosk. By that time, Iíll be back on the bottom of the leaderboards and content to stick to my single-player experiences.

FPS fans shouldnít have any problems getting intrigued by Blacklight: Tango Down. It may not be the biggest and baddest shooter out there, but the new mechanics make it interesting to play with, and the fact that it is a downloadable title for PSN, XBLA and PC make it much more approachable than some of the bigger titles out there, especially for gamers on a budget.

Blacklight: Tango Down
Ignition Entertainment USA