Cat-Girl With A Blade


Blade Kitten is an IP developed by one of the creators at Australia’s Krome Studios, and while this license actually started off as a web-based comic series Steve Stamatiadis started up, it seems to have made the jump into the interactive media with a prequel to the series that keeps the same playful and fun feel of Krome’s Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (and you better believe there are at least a couple of gags in the game for Ty fans to find), but with the look and feel of the Blade Kitten comics.

Kit is a half cat/half girl character who is one of the last of her race, and she runs about the world of Hollow Wish with her sidekick/pet thing called Skiffy and mysterious hovering sword known as the “Darque Blade” which acts as both Kit’s short-ranged and long-ranged attacks. This bounty huntress video game actually takes place about three years prior to the comics and shows just how Kit meets Skiffy, which is handy since he will help her do everything from reach hard to get at switches and Hexes (money) to even aiding some in combat. That prequel story will be played across a two-episode miniseries game with 19 levels in this first release, including three levels where you will get to jump aboard a “Noot,” which is some sort of alien mount.

One of the great things about Blade Kitten is how little it takes itself seriously and how lighthearted the overall mood is. In fact, most of the game has a very comedic slant to it as this slim cat-girl runs around and takes down hulking space marines loaded down with massive armor.

This game’s casual nature makes it ideal for pickup and play capabilities, and since it is planned as a download release for XBLA, PSN and Windows, you can expect the price point to be just as easy to digest as the controls. Look for the first episode to be launched September of 2011, with the second one not far behind. Also, don’t forget to check out the Blade Kitten Comic.

Blade Kitten