The Clone Wars Go Online


Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is an interesting prospect. Itís a Star Wars MMO, yet it isnít targeted towards older members of the fanbase. Sticking with most things Clone Wars, the game is a free-to-play MMO for kids. Think of it as a cooler version of Runescape, but with Jedi and loads of mini-games and unlockables.

After creating an account, Clone Wars Adventures invites kids to create their own Jedi using a treasure chest of Star Wars-themed building blocks. During my demo session with the game, my playable Jedi looked a bit like Han Solo, right down to the red pant stripes, with a lightsaber at his side. A number of free outfits will be available at launch, though others will be available for a price. Reps couldnít comment on how much they would cost, or even speculate on pricing. They did, however, emphasize that non-paying customers wouldnít be handicapped in any major way during the game.

Clone Wars Adventures takes place in a hub world set up to look like a Jedi Academy. From here, theyíll be able to meet up with familiar characters from the series and participate in a collection of Star Wars-themed mini-games. SOE has done an excellent job of capturing the series' unique, chiseled look. Itís also packed with lots of little details for fans. Ever notice Jedi only cut through metal in perfect circles? Thereís training for that (except for one, who decided to cut out Vaderís distinct silhouette instead Ö Sith fodder, if you ask me).

During our walkthrough of the training hub, we came across Obi-Wan, who offered to train us in the art of lightsaber combat. The game resembles a rhythm game where I had to match button presses to arrows as they appeared at the bottom of the screen. Another mini-game involved a speeder bike race through the city. Both games were incredibly fun, so I canít wait to see what else SOE has up their sleeve.

Star Wars: Clone War Adventures should be available this Fall around the time the third season of Clone Wars picks up on Cartoon Network. Based on what Iíve seen so far, the game should make younger fans happy, but is fun enough to appeal to older fans as well.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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