Despicable Me - Overlord and Lemmings


Despicable Me: The Game is going to be a movie tie-in game where you control Gru as he tries to prove to the world he is the number one supervillain and not the one called Vector.

The Wii, PS2 (yup, I said PS2) and PSP versions of Despicable Me goes through the film’s story, but pretty much every puzzle involves using your many minions in various and despicable ways to proceed. During the demo we played, Gru was trying to break into the supervillain vault in order to steal and/or deface various items other supervillains have stored there. During this romp through the bank, we had to traverse gaps in the floor by making a bridge out of our minions and hit buttons by using Gru’s gun to turn one into ice and letting it fall onto the button. We were also presented with quite a few opportunities to deface the other villain’s possessions, thus earning “Despicable Points.” What’s great about these versions of the game is that Steve Carell reprises his role as Gru for the voicework in the game.

The DS version, Despicable Me: The Game - Minion Mayhem, actually behaves more like a Lemmings game where you place various types of minions on the screen in order to get the main minion to the exit with one of the parts that Gru needs to complete his scheme.

In the level we got to play around with, there was a minion that could walk through fire, one that could attack enemies, and the main minion who has to actually collect the necessary part. The idea is to place the extra minions around the level so that when you start your character off, they clear the various obstacles before the main one gets to that point in the level. There is no intelligence behind the various characters. They simply walk, encounter obstacles and turn around. If you can get the main piece, any extra parts laying around the level, and get all of the minions through the exit before time runs out, you are sure to get that “Minion of the Month” award from Gru.

Both games will be released July 6th to coincide with the July 9th release of the film.

Despicable Me: The Game