Don't Get Hammered, Get Nail'd


Nail’d is a new motocross and ATV racing game that forgoes realism for an arcade-like, super-fast experience filled with extreme locations and jumps that other games wouldn’t dare to pull off. But then again, that’s one of the benefits of going the arcade route over the simulator one.

The demo race at E3 featured a Yosemite Park track that not only took me through rugged terrain, but off large cliffs, through dense forests into many extreme jumps. Actually, it was the jumps that I found most impressive (and frequent). During the lengthy track, I found myself constantly tossed into the air and working to guide my vehicle onto one of the many paths that lay before me. And while in the air, it was pretty obvious that some paths would be shorter than others. The problem is, those shorter ones have tighter turns and more obstacles. Of course, when you do happen to run into some road obstruction, you can expect a big ball of fire and a reset to the center of the track.

Nail’d will feature a single-player campaign with everything from Tournament, Time Attack and Quick Event modes, while its multi-player experience simply pits you against other players, both online (up to 12) and locally. Look for this over-the-top arcade racer at the end of the year.

Southpeak Interactive