Drivers Wanted for Bay Area Driving Game


It has been a long time since the last Driver game came out. Coincidentally, it has been even longer since Driver was relevant to gamers. After a few exchanges of developers, it looks like the open-world driving action game will find a new home at Ubisoft with the newly announced Driver: San Francisco.

Just as John Tanner thought the streets were safe once again, a new threat emerges. Crimelord Charles Jericho is on the loose in San Francisco and Tanner is the only man crazy enough and talented enough to stop him. As the stakes get higher, Tanner realizes this may be his last ride, but there is no turning back for a lunatic wheelman.

With series' hero, John Tanner, returning behind the wheel, Driver: San Francisco looks to bring a new spin on the crime drama franchise. High speed chases and huge open cities are what defined the original Driver in 1999 and with the original development team back on board (now known as Ubisoft Reflections), this entry in the franchise may be the most important one yet.

Although not much has been said about any new features or details, Ubisoft did reveal that an all new car-shifting feature will allow players to seamlessly swap between over one hundred licensed cars and vehicles which will keep them in the action. Apparently it works out because Tanner "car-hops" metaphysically with his own out-of-body experience. The original Driver gets some credit for doing full 3D worlds before Grand Theft Auto, but with so many games and ideas since that have raised the bar for driving action games (like GTA IV or even Split/Second), will this be enough for Driver: San Francisco to keep up and win gamers over again?

Driver: San Francisco will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and the Nintendo Wii. No release date has been set.

Driver: San Francisco
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