So Long WWII, Hello Kabul


Medal of Honor is back and has stepped forth from the tired theater of WWII to modern day battles in Kabul, Afghanistan. Being created by the team at EA LA and DICE using their Frostbite engine (for multiplayer), they strove to create a very realistic FPS experience and are consulting closely with Tier 1 Operators from the U.S. Special Forces to bring single campaign players a very intense war experience unlike any Medal of Honor title before. They are creating a totally original storyline using “historic fiction” with actual locations and possible situations. Things that “could” happen, but are still fiction.

In multiplayer, players can choose Team Assault Mode with fast and furious close quarter combat, or Combat Mission, a tactical team-based mode with a string of objectives. Multiplayer will position 2 teams of 12 players each against one another. Those who signed up for EA’s Gun Club got into the multiplayer beta for Medal of Honor early and grabbed a sneak peek, but as of June 21st, the beta is open, so go sign up here. Medal of Honor’s boots hit the ground on 10/12/10.

Medal of Honor
EA Games