It's Like The Departed, But in Hong Kong


True Crime returns to the scene with a new location and an all new story with True Crime: Hong Kong.

It doesnít seem like all that long ago when True Crime hit the scene. The open-world crime story of True Crime: Streets of LA won many gamers over with its enormous freedom, celebrity voice talent, and intriguing storyline. Then True Crime: New York City came out and letís just say there is a reason we havenít heard from the franchise in five years.

Developer United Front Games is handling the new take on the urban action game and they are confident they can deliver to gamers an experience equal to the thrills of Asian action cinema. (It already looks better than Stranglehold).

True Crime: Hong Kong puts you in the shoes of undercover detective Wei Shen. Shen has infiltrated a Triad organization and Shen must do whatever it takes to get the info he needs. At times, he will be engaged in gunfights, intense car chases, free-running, or martial arts fights to protect his cover. Shen has to be careful not to get too involved in Hong Kongís notorious criminal underworld or he might find himself on the wrong end of the law.

As Shen becomes a more powerful Triad member, he will unlock more weapons and learn more deadly hand-to-hand combat skills throughout his journey. The best way for Shen to stay in cover is with fast cars and beautiful women, because every aspiring Gang Lord has an appearance to uphold. In fact, True Crime: Hong Kong will incorporate a new social system throughout all of the major characters and storylines with the ďFaceĒ mechanic which will keep Shenís appearance in check. Shenís actions can either garner him respect and accolades or make dangerous enemies and everything he does has repercussions which will unlock additional storylines and characters.

With Hong Kong being such a rich and vibrant world seldom explored in videogames, True Crime: Hong Kong actually seems like it could be the next big thing. Developer United Front Game has a good track record so far with ModNation Racers, so letís see if they can keep it up when True Crime: Hong Kong launches Fall 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

True Crime: Hong Kong