Mad Catz Has Nine Lives Apparently


Peripheral manufacturer, Mad Catz, hasn’t had the best reputation in the gaming scene. For years, the company was known for sub-par and inferior controllers made with lesser quality materials. If you would have told me two years ago that Mad Catz would be the biggest and best accessory and controller maker, I would I have laughed myself into a coma.

Here I am, coma free, and about to eat my own words. Mad Catz continues to impress me with its line-up of top-quality controllers and accessories and every time I hear more news from the manufacturer, I just get more and more excited.

Case in point: Mad Catz is making all new dedicated controllers for Call of Duty: Black Ops, excellent wireless headsets, and the absolutely epic lineup of Official Rock Band 3 instruments. Couple that with their new partnerships with Turtle Beach to market a line of surround sound headsets in Europe, their recent acquisition of audio headset company Tritton, and the biggest name in the Street Fighter community, Daigo Umehara, joining Mad Catz for officially licensed fight sticks and specifications, and you have what I call a “total reversal" in company image.

For Call of Duty fans, Mad Catz is delivering another controller that is tailor made to fit your needs. Called the PrecisionAIM Controller, this “military inspired” design sports rubber grips, wider design, and two new “combat buttons” that can be re-mapped for any purpose. Mad Catz is highlighting a new feature on this controller called “Precision Aim” Mode, which slows down the input on the analog sticks making it easier to pop off headshots in a pinch. The aiming mode can be assigned to one of the aforementioned buttons to make pwning noobs a breeze. You should keep an eye out for this one when it ships alongside Black Ops in November.

Next on their list is a new wireless model of their excellent Tritton AX 180 Gaming Headset. Using 2.4GHz wireless technology, the Tritton AX 180 offers high-fidelity audio with the hassle of tangled cables or an accidental unplugging. The USB Base Station is compact and plugs into any USB port on your PC, PlayStation 3, or Mac and a special Xbox Live port will make it even easier to talk to your friends and clan mates. A detachable mic and independent voice controls round out the package and guarantee any audiophile will be satisfied for whatever gaming necessity they made need.

Finally, Mad Catz has been an official partner of Rock Band for a few years now, but this year’s lineup of new instruments is just simply awesome. Geck0 has already covered these peripherals extensively, (you can read about his impressions Here) but I just want to reiterate how amazing these are especially because this means a new face and era of Mad Catz. Now I'm a fan.

So the next time you walk into your local retailer to pick up a new controller or headset, think twice before you pick up an official brand, because Mad Catz just may have something that is better suited for your needs.

Mad Catz
Mad Catz