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BGR Mods's slogan is "Newfangled Gaming." I think it should probably be, "We never stop thinking" or... "I bet that would sell..."

The products that BGR Mods makes, for the most part, are not that complex in nature or function, but are, rather, things that some gamer somewhere got fed up with until they figured out a way to fix it and, voila, a new BGR Mods product is born.

The fact that the press kit actually contained two sample products is a pretty good indication of how non-complex some of the BGR Mods products are. Specifically, there was a sample of the No Scope and the Hub Cap in the booklet. Both of these products are, in fact, stickers that have specific purposes. The No Scope is a clear sticker with a gun sight's reticle printed on it and once you've scoped in once and marked the spot with the No Scope, you don't have to scope-in again, because in most games, the same spot is where your bullets will hit, even when you're not using the scope. The Hub Cap is a pair of donut-shaped stickers that fit around the hole in media discs (DVD and Blu-ray) and are used on both sides to reduce the stress on the center hub of the disc to prevent if from cracking or keep cracks from progressing into the data area of the disc. Another product that isn't very complex is the Gamers Towel - a towel designed to stay draped over your knee and used to dry sweaty palms on during stressful online matches, or to wipe off that glowing orange stuff that stays on your hands when you eat Cheezy poofs while playing your games. You don't want that in your controllers, believe me. If you're not going to wash and dry your hands, use the Gamers Towel.

The other product in their catalog is an honest-to-goodness mod for controllers - little circuit boards that are intended to be connected into your PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers, after taking them apart and voiding their warranty, of course. Adding the IntensaFire to your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller will add rapid-fire capability to your controller. As I said... somewhere some gamer got fed up with a problem and fixed it.

Check back for reviews of the Hub Cap and No Scope after the E3 coverage is complete.

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