Retro Gaming is so "N" These Days


Even before this E3, there was a large following of retro games; it seems everyone misses the "old school" games of the industry's infancy. The 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man is likely to stir up a bit of old school, retro-game nostalgia, as well. However, the number one thing likely to send players running back to their attics to find their old games and play them again might just be all these newfangled changes that are occurring industry wide... motion control and 3D are both neat gimmicks, but it's not for every game and it's not for everyone. Some people get motion sickness from the 3D thing, while others have problems using the motion controllers, and I'm sorry, but the person who researched the physical state of your teeming gaming population and decided people would love to play games that require you to be active and it's fine if a gaming system can't work with you sitting on a couch... that person should be doing something else. Seriously.

If you are one of these home-sick retro game ex-patriates looking for a taste of home, Hyperkin has just what the doctor ordered - the RetroN 3. The RetroN 3 is designed to work with almost the entire library of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES) and SEGA Genesis games. Simply get your hands on the original game cartridges, give them a good blow for luck, then insert them into the RetroN 3 and you're ready to play any of the games in your retro library from back in the day on these three systems. If you happen to have NES, SNES and/or Genesis controllers to use, you can plug them into the ports on the front or sides of the RetroN 3 system and use them like you did when you were just a kid. If not, never fear, the RetroN 3 ships with two wireless controllers designed to work with games from all three systems. Wireless NES, SNES and Genesis gaming? Sure; who ever said that all technological advancement is bad? The RetroN 3 features S-video and composite AV outputs, with a clearer picture than you ever had on your old tube TV and original hardware.

If you already have these systems, the RetroN 3 would be a nice way to consolidate your games into a single unit, reducing clutter in your entertainment system. It also would be a nice system to take on trips or to introduce the younger generations to the games that started it all.

Check back for a full-length review of the RetroN 3 when we get one in-house for in-depth testing.