Nox Calls In The Specialist


Nox Audio was showing off a new headset called the Specialist at this year's E3. The Specialist provides optimal sound performances and versatility for PC gaming, listening to music and cell phone use. The Specialist is very lightweight and folds up and retracts into a small form factor, making it easy for you to take on the go. For example, the microphone boom is flexible and retractable with a simple turn of a knob on the side of the headset. Then, simply fold up the hinges and detach the micro USB cable and your Specialist headset is ready for travel.

The NOX Specialist headset is compatible with PC's, iPods, iPhones, and all other electronic devices that utilize a 3.5 mm jack, right out of the box. However, with the addition of NOX's Negotiator Universal Optical Gaming Adapter, sold separately, the Specialist can be used with Xbox 360 and PS3, as well.

The Specialist features very comfortable ear pads constructed of breathable, ultra-soft memory foam for reduced ear fatigue and dual drivers which provide clean, crisp, clear sound with ultra-low distortion. There is a built-in volume knob on the opposite ear as the boom mic, dialed in much the same way as the boom mic retraction knob, making it easily reached and operated.

The most amazing aspect of the Specialist headset, however, had to be the amount of audio isolation that it provided. That, in and of itself, might not be overly amazing, but the Specialist is designed to achieve this audio isolation passively. That means there is no noise-cancellation circuit burning up batteries to reduce the ambient noise. The Specialist headset simply isolates the noise. It does this using an air pocket and vibration isolation and things I don't necessarily remember and didn't completely understand, but what I do know is that I could put these headphone on my head on the E3 show floor and barely hear the din of noise of the show. Even simply snapping my fingers at less than arm's length was almost imperceptible. This was truly amazing.

Not sure if you're sold on it yet? Fine... throw in the fact that you get a free dog tag with your Gamer Tag engraved on it with each purchase, that Nox has a 30-day "no questions asked" return policy and a 2 year manufacturing defects warranty.

The Specialist is available on the Nox Website for $79.99 USD in your choice of stylish colors: All-Night Black*, Game Vortex "G" Red*, Game Vortex "V" Blue and Geck0 Green*. In the box, you get the Specialist stereo headset, a 4.5 foot micro USB detachable cable, a carry case, a 1 foot PC splitter a user manual and a warranty card for the two-year warranty.

Stay tuned for a full-length review when our Specialist makes a house call.

* Note: No, no... those aren't the actual names of those colors. I simply think the color selection is nice. The Game Vortex logo is red and blue and my VW New Beetle is that shade of green. I'm just sayin'.

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