Chillin' with zDD at SplitFish


I got a chance at E3 to talk with Dennis "zDD" Dozier, the #1 global ranked PS3 Call of Duty pro gamer, at SplitFish's booth for a bit about his relationship with SplitFish and his thoughts on their products. According to zDD, SplitFish is adament about getting things right and building a product that works well for gamers. He should know; zDD is a professional gamer who collaborates with SplitFish and provides feedback on what works, what doesn't and what he'd like to see.

Without going into specifics, zDD indicated that he was very pleased with the responsiveness that SplitFish has to his input. Of course, any company of a reasonable size is going to have a marketing department, and their vote is always going to be to get something out the door as is so it can be sold, but zDD informed me that on one occasion, when something had made it as far as having some units produced and he raised his concerns over an issue with the design, production was stopped and the product went back into design to address the issue. That's commitment to perfection.

When I asked zDD what he liked best about the Dual SFX Frag Pro for the PS3 and PC, he found it difficult to choose. He really liked the fact that you can adjust sensitivity on-the-fly, since different weapons often really need different sensitivity settings based on different performance aspects of the weapons. He also seemed excited about the adjustable rate FPS Rapid Fire functionality, explaining that in certain online games, if your shots are too close together, the game simply limits you to a set firing speed. However, you can gain marginally faster speed and more control over your gunfire by reducing your firing speed to just under that threshold.

The Dual SFX Pro also features a laser mouse with a click scroll wheel, full SIXAXIS-compatible motion control, programmable macros and programmable motion over-ride. The wireless functionality is 2.4 GHz based, with a range of 3.5 meters, but the Dual SFX Frag Pro includes a USB extension cable to bring the included dongle closer to you for playing in the living room or other non-desk gameplay situtations.

The Dual SFX Frag Pro can use rechargeable batteries and can be plugged in to recharge the batteries while being used at the same time. You'll need a total of 6 AAA batteries - 3 in the wireless mouse and three in the left hand grip, a la "nunchuk" - which are not included. Playtime on a freshly charged set of rechargeable AAAs is reported to be about 11 hours.

I actually have a Dual SFX Frag Pro in-house for review as we speak, and will be posting a full-featured hands-on review in the next few weeks, so check back for the deep dish.

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