So Much For The Afterglow...


The reference, of course, is to the song by Everclear, as well as to PDP's Afterglow controllers. While the Afterglow controllers were nice, they are simply blown away on the nerd-cred scale by the officially licensed Limited Edition TRON Controllers being released by PDP for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Behold the sweetness that is these beautiful controllers.

These controllers were on display in the PDP meeting room, as seen here, and were also on display in Disney's booth, in the TRON area, although, with all of the foot (and hand) traffic, the cases were too printed-up to take good pictures on the show floor.

Also pictured here is the TRON themed iPad cover prototype, which is still in development, as PDP tries to determine where, exactly, to pull power for the lighting. Personally, I found the iPad cover to be the most awesome of the TRON themed hardware PDP had on display. What do you think?

Check back for reviews of these and other PDP products in the future.

Limited Edition TRON Controllers
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