Two Men Enter... One Man Leaves...


Then again, sometimes more than just two enter the ring. AAA Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring brings the excitement and physicality of lucha libre to a video game. You may only know lucha libre from mainstream entertainment in the United States, such as the Nacho Libre movie or the Mucho Lucho animated series, but Lucha Libre is a huge sport in Mexico, with a following that is nationwide... and spreading around the world.

There are differences between U.S. wrestling and Lucha Libre. Luchadores (Lucha Libre athletes) are traditionally more agile and perform more aerial maneuvers than professional wrestlers in the U.S., while U.S. wrestlers rely on power moves and strikes to subdue their opponents. Luchadores typically are defined as one of two types: Rudos, the "bad" guys who bend, break or completely ignore the rules, and Técnicos, who follow the rules and have more spectacular moves.

The gameplay offers various modes to play, from one on one, to two-man tag matches (Parejas) as well as "four on four" matches (Atómicos). There is also a mode known as "Masks versus Hair," in which the luchadores risk their identities and good looks on the bout. If a masked luchadore loses, his mask is taken from him. This is serious, since the rules are that when you lose your mask, you must wait three years before you can don a new mask. And, should you be especially attached to your lost mask, you must wait seven years before you can reuse the same design. For those who don't wear masks, losing means a violent head shaving will follow, while being held down - and possibly bound. Believe me when I say these head shavings are not done with a great deal of care; the whole point is that you don't look good afterward. Then, you have to let the hair grow back as it is. This aspect is actually part of the game. You can spend a lot of time designing your mask, but if you lose an online "Mask versus Hair" match, you will lose your mask (or hair) for three online matches. Even after you've recovered your mask or hair, there will be a permanent mark on your online profile.

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring does a great job of portraying unique Mexican Lucha Libre fighting styles and Rudo / Técnico campaign storylines, along with high-flying Luchador acrobatics and classic Lucha Libre moves. Even the actual Lucha Libre AAA Federation talent, such as 30 real-life luchadores like La Parka and Konnan - and even real sportscasters and referees are used in Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring.

Check back for a full-length review when we get Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes Del Ring in for review.

AAA Lucha Libre: Heroes del Ring
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