Do You Want to Play a Game?


Wargame: European Escalation by Eygen Systems is a massive RTS that really makes an effort of sticking to the types of machinery that existed during the game’s timeframe.

Wargame looks at the Cold War era and asks what would happen if a seemingly insignificant incident had turned out differently. In our world, troop movement in Czechoslovakia brought many countries to near war, when it turned out the movements were only practices. In Wargame though, they weren’t and while nuclear strikes are very possible in this heated-up cold war, Eygen System proposes that most of the combat would still be on the ground, and its those troops, and those armaments that you have at your disposal in this new RTS.

The game pits NATO forces against the Warsaw Pact and the realistic locations provide ample cover for even your biggest tanks as you roam the vast countryside looking for your various targets. The game even throws in quite a few towns, and how you should approach these towns is based a lot on what your mission is. Sometimes you need to keep them safe, and with others, it’s okay to raze them to the ground.

During my E3 demo, we were able to control everything from Chinook helicopters to M1 ABRAMS tanks to M3A1 Bradleys to MLRS’ (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems). The game features a camouflage system that allows your units to stand just behind a tree line and not be seen, but pop out in order to ensure your enemies are in the line of fire before reigning down devastation.

One of the game’s biggest features is the ability to zoom out to a high level view in order to get an idea of the overall battlefield, but also zoom down to the individual unit level in order to better order specific forces around the world. With this comes a pretty solid looking texture-system that seems to do a good job of scaling down the visual complexity as you zoom out, but also showing a good level of detail as you get closer to the ground.

As for the general RTS side of things, the game will not really allow you to build bases beyond your initial start points on a map, but it does use supply trucks in order to transport everything from ammo to fuel to your various units. While I haven’t played many RTS’ in the past few years, it seems like this level of realism should make a lot of fans of the genre happy.

Wargame: European Escalation is slated for release early 2012 and is designed for the PC only.