Hector Continues On


Earlier this year, Telltale Games published a third-party adventure title from Irish developer Straandlooper. This game, Hector: Badge of Carnage, was the first in a three-part story, and that first game was already released as an iPhone title.

When Telltale played the game, they became very interested in it and worked with Straandlooper to port the game to their development tool, which allowed the game to be ported to the Windows and Mac OS platforms. Well, the last two episodes are in development, and this time using the Telltale development tool from the start so that it can reach not only the original iPhone audience, but also Windows, Mac, iPad and eventually the PlayStation 3 (most likely PlayStation Network).

While Telltale isn’t developing the games themselves, they are providing technical support with their tool and keeping an eye on the script and direction of the games in order to make sure everything comes out in the best possible way.

Look for the last two episodes to come out this Fall, meanwhile, check out the first game and our review of it on GameVortex.com.