Welcome to Gamma Terra


Gamma World: Alpha Mutation is a new third-person shooter based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name. While Gamma World: Alpha Mutation, doesn’t take on the role playing aspects of the original Gamma World, it does take the universe and general rules in order to build a rather unusual and amusing looking shooter.

Taking place in the far future, radiation has turned pretty much any living thing into some kind of mutant. What makes Gamma World so amusing is that, because of this radiation, everyone gets to choose two base races. So this means you not only get the strengths and attributes of the two chosen races, but you also get some rather funky looking characters. To make this fact a bit more entertaining, what limbs get taken from which race are random, so playing the same two races can result in different looking characters.

Needless to say, Gamma World, both the video game and from what I understand the pen and paper series, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because of this, the developers had a bit of fun deciding what the players can and cannot do. This is one of the reasons why pretty much everything in the world can be picked up and used as weapons.

Throughout the game, your character will encounter “Omega Technologies” that seem to be alien-based weapons that allow the players to do some crazy moves and “bend the laws of reality itself.” This combined with the ability to further mutate your character in order to give it new and more powerful abilities makes for an interesting bit of character customization.

Look for Alpha Mutation to be downloadable on PSN, XBLA and PC this Fall.