Your Dream Gaming Rig Awaits...


It's happened time and time again in the videogame industry - a company gets renown for doing something well, a megacorporation buys that company and when it becomes apparent that the result isn't a small company with a lot more resources, but a large company trying to peddle its typical products while wearing the small company's face and snacking on fava beans and Chianti... well, that's when the major players from original company exit stage left and form their own start-up company... again... and try to be what they were earlier, but with a new name.

Origin PC has recently arrived on the scene to fill the hole left by Alienware when Dell purchased it, then listed not-so-slightly toward the mainstream. Origin PC's founders, Kevin Wasielewski, Richard Cary and Hector Penton all hail from Alienware, founding Origin PC to fill the void for a high-performance boutique gaming PC tuner.

Realizing that pretty much anyone can build a PC these days, Origin focuses on getting the details of your dream system just the way you want it. If there's something you want and you don't see it mentioned, just give them a call. There is a team of gaming rig specialists waiting for your direction to build the next great gaming system. Overclocking? But, of course... how about upwards of 5 GHz? Add in 12 GBs of 2000 MHz Corsair memory? Why not! Liquid cooling is spoken fluently at Origin PC. But you're still thinking too small - one rig they've built removed the question of console versus PC by building a gaming PC that included an integrated liquid cooled Xbox 360 slim in the case.

And when the build is done? Your PC can be shipped to your doorstep in Origin Wooden Crate Armor, guaranteed to protect your one-of-a-kind gaming monster in transit. And then there's the one year hardware warranty and lifetime tech support. That's right: lifetime service and support. You can't even get that type of tech support from your cousin. (You know, the nerdy one with the wife that doesn't like you so much.)

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