The Furious Hunt for Hitler


Ubisoft and Gearbox Software decided to take the much-loved Brothers in Arms series in a different direction. While they still plan to finish Staff Sergeant Matt Baker's story in a later game, they decided to go the way of the fantastic for Brothers in Arms: Furious Four.

There are four members of this special squad sent to eliminate Adolph Hitler himself and they each have very different combat styles and weaponry. There's Chok, a Native American soldier who wields a deadly tomahawk, Montana, a former lumberjack and American fighter with a huge machine gun he straps to his back, plus a shotgun and a bear trap he can toss out, Crockett, a Texan who is not afraid to whip out his chainsaw and finally, Stitch, a batshit crazy Irish medic.

When I first saw Brothers in Arms: Furious Four in action, my first thought was its Inglourious Basterds the game! Think crazy, over-the-top and highly stylized action, as in your face as it gets.

Very much like the storyline of Inglourious Basterds, the goal of the Furious Four is to find Hitler at a function he is attending and kill him at any cost. Since the Third Reich has been doing some very interesting experimentation, it's going to take everything in the Furious Four's arsenal to defeat them and to take Hitler down.

You can opt to play the Single Player Campaign with 3 A.I. partners, or you can play local split screen and lastly, online multiplayer with up to 4 players. As for different online game modes, Ubisoft is being tight-lipped at the moment.

As you progress through the areas, you may see Wanted Posters with pictures of the Four and you can walk up and sign them. You'll also earn coins in the levels that you can later use on the Upgrade screen to unlock new weapons and to upgrade the weapons you have. You can even add a grenade to the aforementioned bear trap and that can't be fun for anyone - wait, yes it can. Just not for your enemy when he steps into it.

There's a chaotic scene in a beer haus that again reminded me of that fateful scene in Inglourious Basterds, but with much more colorful weapons and characters.

While some have said that they are disappointed in the direction the series has taken, I say bring on the crazy. They'll finish the story for you hardline Brothers in Arms lovers at a later date, so fear not. In the meantime, enjoy something a little different. I may be in the minority, but I can't get enough World War II action in my shooters and this story just takes it in a whole new direction. Who says you can't do something new and fresh for a WWII shooter? Look for Brothers in Arms: Furious Four to drop in early 2012.