What if Nintendogs Had a Physical Toy?


Wappy Dog is an interactive toy/game combination that reminds me a bit of the Pleo Dinosaurs that released a few years ago. Wappy Dog is a plastic dog toy that will respond not only to touch, but also to gameplay on its corresponding DS game.

Although you can't tell in the picture, Wappy's cheeks light up, if he is in a good enough mood. Red means that he is happy, yellow means that his mood is normal and green means that he is unhappy. But if he is really mad, his cheeks will be colorless, so you'll know you are in trouble with him. I sort of foresee this color scheme being a problem since kids are taught at an early age that green means go and red means stop and for Wappy, these colors basically mean the opposite.

Using your DS, you will be able to feed Wappy and he is a big fan of sweets. He will react, saying either he is too full or he wants more or even simply expressing joy at the treat. I'm glad there are no chocolate treats to give Wappy since chocolate is dangerous to dogs and it could send the wrong message, but fortunately, the developers were careful not to include any chocolate items. You can play mini-games such as Rock/Paper/Scissors or Whack-A-Mole with him or against him, but beware. Wappy is highly competitive and will let you know how upset he is if he loses the game. You'll even see his hand come down on the DS screen as you play to let you know he is definitely into the game.

You will be able to level Wappy up over time and he will age, going from Age 1 all the way to Age 10. You'll notice that not only will his voice deepen with age (which is good, because young Wappy sounds just like a cat and I found this a bit off-putting), but his responses will mature over time as he does.

Your child can also leave Wappy at home and play what is called Travel Mode on the DS. Prior to leaving, you will "transfer Wappy's heart" into your DS so his current mood will be reflected when you play your games. What you do while in Travel Mode will directly affect Wappy and when you get back home and download his heart back into the toy, whatever transpired on the road will be reflected in the toy. So if you beat Wappy at a game in the car, expect his cheeks to glow green in displeasure, even if he was happy as a clam when you left the house.

He can do tricks, if he is in the mood. When you feed him, a mini-game pops up and the results of the mini-game will affect his mood. You can use many different toys to play with Wappy using your DS, or you can stroke him to make him happy. But remember, he doesn't like anyone touching his tail, so expect a foul mood if you insist on doing this. As you play with Wappy, your friendship will increase and this will be shown as stars on the screen. You can also clean him, which is similar in action to petting him and will improve his mood and he will also sing songs, when the mood strikes him.

You can customize Wappy with different colors and decorative touches like ear accessories, but expect the girls to be a little bit more into the ear accessories than the boys. Wappy Dog hits stores this November and will cost $49.99, which includes the game and the interactive toy.