DUST 514... Priceless


DUST 514 will integrate (to a large degree) with the economy of the PC game, EVE Online, which is a completely player-driven economy. This means, of course, that the prices of things are subject to supply and demand and will fluctuate. That having been said, however, based on a video shown at E3 2011, we can get a ballpark idea of some general costs of things to come...

A Few Prices:

  • Infantry Assault Armor 'AEGIS' - 375,000 ISK
  • Heavy Attack Vehicle 'GUNNLOGI' - 1,400,000 ISK
  • ROV Drone 'BOLAS' - 4,400,000 ISK
  • Installation Component 'PHASE-SYNCHED RAILGUN' - 1,000,000 ISK
  • Mobile Command Center 'CESTUS' - 120,000,000 ISK
  • Watching as players in ANOTHER GAME bring you closer to victory - PRICELESS

Aegis is an Infantry Assault Armor for frontline infantry, featuring customizable personal fitting. Gunnlogi is a heavy attack vehicle that looks something between a modern tank and a TRON tank, but has customizable vehicle fittings, such as turrets that can be changed to suit your mission. Bolas is a futuristic equivalent to a cargo helicopter for logistics and transport, able to quickly transport your Gunnlogi attack vehicles into battle. Phase-Synched Railguns are sub-orbital and offer off-map support from above. And, finally, a Cestus is a mobile command center that serves as tactical fire support and as a battlefield commander. Each of these will play important parts in a successful strategy to achieve control of a planet.

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