It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride


The Driver series has been around for many years, but John Tanner is back and has vengeance on his mind in this latest iteration, Driver San Francisco.

Tanner is on a huge manhunt to stop Charles Jericho, a crime lord who is terrorizing San Francisco. While recovering from a bad car accident, Tanner discovers that he can effortlessly jump from one car to the next by visualing them on the map, then zooming in and selecting the car he wants to hop into. This sounds a little strange and contrary to logic, but from what I understand, Tanner may be in a coma or possibly a ghost which enables him to do this.

Either way, the "Shift" function eliminates the need to chase down a car and carjack it. You can simply choose it and poof, you're driving that car.

Over 200 kilomaters of San Francisco itself have been modeled for your cruising pleasure and you'll have over 120 licensed vehicles just ripe for the picking. There are 60 licensed music tracks, including the original Driver theme, and the Director replay mode returns so you can record all of your driving glory for posterity.

In addition to the Single Player Campaign and all of its various challenges throughout the city, you'll also have 9 different online modes to check out. Driver San Francsico screeches onto the scene in August 2011 to the 360, PS3, PC and Mac, so strap in because its going to get rough.