You, But More Organized


It can be tough to organize multiple videogame consoles, games and accessories. Especially if you're integrating them with an already crowded entertainment system that simply wasn't intended to hold a surround sound processor, Blu-ray player, DVD player, television and then as many consoles as you can cram in. My personal solution has been to use a combination of baskets on the lower shelves and several storage ottomans, filled to the brim with old controllers, accessories and more cords than I could hope to identify.

LevelUp makes licensed console organization products. Specifically, they make different products to suit different distributors; one product may be exclusive to KMart, while another is exclusive to Walmart or Best Buy. However, what most of their products share in common is that they are licensed. LevelUp has officially licensed console organizers that can hold a system, four controllers, 35 games and even two guitar controllers, with special soft-coated guitar hooks on either side - for your choice of PlayStation, Xbox 360 or Wii.

One of the newest items they have is a collapsible storage ottoman. The collapsible feature allows it to be shipped in a compressed configuration, taking up between a third and a fourth of its full size, reducing not only the amount of space they take up on a truck and on the shelves, but, consequently, reducing the overall cost to distributors and, ultimately, to gamers. Once you get one home, you can reconfigure them to their full size in about a minute and, once they're in ottoman form, they're strong enough to stand on. (No really, the LevelUp rep at E3 jumped right up on one right after he reconfigured it. It was impressive.)

They also have molded game trays ("caddies" of sorts) that look like they would be right at home on a desk or end-table and are officially Nintendo DS licensed. These hold two DS units, have a path for routing your DS charge cord through the game tray, and have an area perfect for holding styli. The game tray also features a rubberized grip and storage for 20 DS games.

The product, however, with the most obvious need is the Rock Band-licensed storage ottoman that's roughly the size of a steamer trunk. This thing holds two guitar controllers on the inside of the flip-up lid, and the main compartment has room to store your Rock Band Drum Set and your microphone. There are also two included trays - one that can hold 16 games and another that is designed to hold controllers for PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii.

These organizational products are great for kid's rooms, dorm rooms, game rooms or for just getting your games out of your entertainment center. Check them out wherever cool game accessories are sold.