Retro Rumble Revisited


Back in the day, when old-school was known merely as "now," Nyko made something called the Shock 'N' Rock for the Nintendo GameBoy. It simply fit on the bottom, and provided a better grip for the system, extended battery life and provided amplified sound all at the same time. It felt good and we loved it. Psibabe gave it a solid 100% when we reviewed it, and it stayed firmly attached through the rest of our GameBoy's life. I don't know where our GameBoy is, these days, but the last time I saw it, the Shock 'N' Rock was still firmly attached.

This year at E3, Nyko showed us a new product they have coming out for the 3DS. That's right - a Shock 'N' Rock for the 3DS, offering up to 3 times the typical battery life, sound and feedback enhancement and a bit of grip all in the form factor of a protective case and offered at a suggested retail price of $39.99 USD. I'm not going to pre-judge a sequel based on the performance of an earlier product, but I have to say I'm anxious to put it through its paces.

Nyko also had some other products for the 3DS that included added battery life, albeit not with as many features as the Shock 'N' Rock. The Power Pack is their high-capacity replacement rechargeable battery with twice (2X) the typical capacity, the 3DS Power Grip offers three times (3X) the battery length and an ergonomic grip, and the diminutive Game Boost gives you that little extra bit of power for getting through to the end of that level so you can save.

Check back for full reviews of all of these when they hit store shelves this Fall.

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