You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name


At E3 2011, Trion Worlds was showing off their version 1.3 update of Rift. It's available now and it features a heavy emphasis on making things bigger... Bigger interiors with the recently unsealed underground ruins of Hammerknell, the ancient home to a huge Dwarven civilization ...Bigger enemies and, resultantly, larger pick-up groups to fend off these huge menaces ...and Bigger invasions, with ginormous invasions that literally affect multiple entire areas on the map.

With this much havoc at hand, you're going to need friends. To this end, Rift is introducing in-game character transfers, so you and your friends can all move your characters to the same shard, so you can play with people you know... and you know you can count on. Also, players can use the transfer feature to move from PvP to PvE and vice versa, if desired. (Well, specifically, that would be moving them from one to the other of your choice of consensual PvP, non-consensual PvP, RP, PvE, RPPvP).

Players will be able to move their characters and guild to a different shard once every seven days at no additional cost. There are a few restrictions; You have to be at least level 15, there is a level-based platinum cap and your character can't be coin-locked. Also, you have to have tidied up a bit - you have to have cleared out your mailbox of unread mail and items and you can't have an ongoing auction. Oh, and if you don't realize that you are missing one of these requirements, Rift will inform you when you attempt the transfer.

The cost is currently free and, according to Trion Worlds, will remain free for the "forseeable future." So, if you wanna go where people know that troubles are all the same... download the patch to Rift 1.3 and try it out today.

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