Don't Trust the Easy Route


Dark Souls is a new RPG on the horizon that offers a few unique twists to the genre.

For one, while it is a single player game, you can summon others into your game to help fight your fights. While this might not sound all that original, the oddity here is that you will see those other characters running around the same area, even if they arenít a part of your world. Basically, as you progress in the game, you can see ghosts of other players doing whatever they are doing at that same instance around the world. This means that, if necessary, you can ask any of them to join your world and solve the problem in front of you because you know they are trying to do the same thing on their side of the console.

In a way, the game stays single player, but with a massively multiplayer network available to talk with and encounter, if desired. This odd blending of the two RPG subgenres is bound to make for some interesting stories, especially when you consider the Black Knight class that actually has the ability to jump between character worlds unbidden as much as he or she pleases.

Outside of that crazy semi-single player mechanic, the rest of the game offers quite a huge challenge. While there are multiple ways to attempt to get past every obstacle and monster in your path, the obvious choice is rarely the correct one, and choosing that path will often leave you badly hurt or dead.

As a result of both the extreme difficulty of the game itself, and the possibility that rogue players taking on the persona of the Black Knight can hop into your game at any point and cause general mayhem, Dark Souls seems to be geared more towards the hardcore RPG gamer, those that can handle themselves in fights, against difficult puzzles and even, possibly, the occasional PvP battle.

Dark Souls releases October of 2011 for the PS3 and 360.