Two Sonics for the Price of One


In order to celebrate Sonic's 20 year anniversary, Sega decided try something a little different. Sonic Generations recognizes the fact that there are two different types of Sonic games. One is what they call the Classic Sonic, and the other is Modern.

Classic is the 2D style of gameplay that made the blue hedgehog the hit that he is. Modern is the 3D version that takes on a more action/adventure style of gameplay. Sega has polled their fan-base and asked what their favorite levels have been. With that knowledge, Sega has made a Sonic game that reinvents these top-rated levels and makes it possible for both Sonics to try their hands at them.

We got a chance to spend some time with two levels in Sonic Generations, the Green Hill Zone level from the first Sonic game and the Escape From the City level from Sonic Adventure 2. It was an interesting experience playing through what was originally only a 2D level with the kind of freedom of movement that you expect from the newer Sonic games. Similarly, escaping from the city in side-scroller fashion adds a new twist to the level. While both levels were completely remade, the versions that felt like their original levels still felt the same, even if they allow Sonic to have a few of his newer powers that he didnít have back in the day.

As a nice departure from most Sonic games, Sonic Generations will only feature the two Sonics as playable characters, not his numerous friends. Sonic Generations will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS this November.