Not Just a Pretty Face


In addition to having what was arguably one of slicker booths at E3 2011, Calibur11's Vault line of 3D armored gaming cases are designed to both allow you to customize your console to reflect your personality, but also to help protect your system from... mishaps.

The Xbox 360 Slim is, well, slimmer. That's not a bad thing if you keep your 360 Slim in the horizontal orientation. If you prefer to keep your slim in its fully upright "tower" orientation, however, it means that it's more likely to topple over. And, in general, standing electronic devices on end and then knocking them over is a bad idea.

Calibur11 has introduced the Vault line of 3D armored gaming cases to help you protect your 360 Slim by keeping it stable and well ventilated. The Vault encases your 360 Slim, while leaving all moving parts and ports accessible. It provides a wide footing to keep your 360 Slim safely upright and allows for a good bit of modular customization, as well.

The Base Vault comes in 6 different colors and retails for $59.99 USD. For that, you get the basic protective Vault case with a large base and you get to customize what you want your upper and lower name tags to look like, using their online designer tool. The Base Vault also includes one modular controller cradle, which will hold your controller when you're not actively using it. The Base Vault is available in Villian Black, Gundam White, Grayzilla, Vampire Red, Urban Blue and Nuclear Green.

Also available are licensed versions of the Vault, including an MLG Vault and a Gears of War Vault, which sport special paint jobs and include special logo'd lower name tags and custom 3D sculpted decorations on the side. There will soon be special accessory kits available, as well, to customize your Vault to your liking, starting with the Apocalypse accessory pack for fans of the end-of-the-world-esque survival games and the Mercenary accessory pack for fans of the various war games out there. All of the accessories and special versions are compatible with the Vault's modular layout, so the decoration items are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your Vault to your heart's content and even change things up from time to time, perhaps changing your Vault's appearance to a look more befitting of that upcoming Call of Duty match or zombie killing spree you have planned for this weekend.

PlayStation 3 gamers don't need to feel left out, though... The PS3 Base Vault is just about ready to start rolling out to gamers, as well. It will be available in any of the six Base Vault colors and will utilize the same modular system, allowing decoration pieces to be interchangeable between PS3 and Xbox 360 Slim Vaults. (Note: the controller cradle is slightly different between the two, as might be expected, but you could mount an Xbox 360 Slim controller cradle on the side of your PS3 vault if you wanted to... but why would you?)

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