Gear Up, Soldier!


Online gaming is war... and war is hell. If you're going out onto that battlefield, you'd best come prepared... and I'm not talking about using your little brother's controller with the picture of the dancing rodent on it - I'm talking about adding some modern warfare to your Modern Warfare. You're going to need some war-gear for your Gears of War...

Enter Gioteck. They didn't appear on my radar until this year, but that could be because they're just now starting to infiltrate the United States. They've got a line of military-inspired gaming gear that will help you take your game to the next level of realism, such as their TX-1 throat mic communicator, with precise sensors, fully adjustable neck band, an ear bud and noise isolation for in-game chat without bulky headphones over your head and a microphone hitting your drink when you go for some hydration.

This year at E3, Gioteck also announced their upcoming DF-1 DualFuel Ammo Box, which is capable of storing, transporting and charging two of your favorite PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers for deployment in the field. These bad-boys look like they could be army surplus... but from Cobra Commander's army. The DF-1 really looks like some kind of ammo box, but has LEDs on either side of the front that light up red or green to indicate the charging status of the controller inside. Too sick!

The Lume-N8 isn't military-themed, but is a bit more stealthy, connecting to the back of your PS3 and providing a bright, mood-setting illuimination. The Lume-N8 has three settings: off, Blood Red and Chilled Out Blue. These are bright enough to provide mood lighting and are designed to fit all models of PS3.

Finally, another "stealth" product - the AC-1 Ammo Clip - is a charger for two controllers that hides among your DVD cases. This is a pretty neat little device. When not in use, it looks like it could be a double DVD case. But when you need to charge a couple of your controllers, you simply pull it down, and open it up and lay it flat to reveal connections for two controllers to plug in and be charged.

Check back for full reviews of Gioteck products in the coming months.