War Porn


Itís a great time to be a gamer. E3 2011 saw the reveal of so many great games, but one that was high on my radar was the latest iteration of the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 3. The latest game opens pretty much where MW2 left off. The Russians are in America and our cities are in ruins. The first walkthrough we experienced was for a level called Hunter Killer, with the American Delta team. There are Russian subs in the New York Harbor and you and your team have been sent to dispatch them. You approach in scuba gear, with the goal of planting a mine on one of the subs. Debris is all around you from the battles that have been raging in the harbor, so you must be careful not to injure yourself. The watery location looked absolutely fantastic. Soon, the sub is on the move and your team must intercept and destroy them. However, you must also be wary of mines that the Russians may have left for you, so youíll use a sonar device to avoid them. If one is set off, expect a huge explosion and debris to avoid.

Soon, you are so close that you must power down all equipment and make your way to the sub, but then the sub is on the move! You must race to catch up to it, plant the mine and then let it quietly pass you before blowing it to smithereens. The next step is to flee the immediate area and resurface, penetrating the now-burning surfaced sub and to get into the missile control room to stop an impending missile launch. As you resurface, you see that New York is in flaming ruins. Your team climbs aboard the sub and begins killing the Russians who are now emerging, trying to escape. As Frost, you will enter the sub, killing everyone in your path. As the sub fills with water, you have environmental hazards to deal with, as well as enemy soldiers. The fighting is white-knuckled and visceral, and the water effects are gorgeous.

Soon, you approach the missile control room, blowing the door to enter. Everything goes slow-mo like it did in the previous game and you have the opportunity to pick off the enemies while they are surprised. Once dispatched, you must access the launch codes with a launch set for 30 seconds. Then, you are on the move again, jumping into a rescue boat as missiles are launching all around you. Russians are attacking your team now that they realize what has happened and things are crashing with explosions and debris raining down all around you. Your team is trying their best to keep up with the other rescue boat, making its way through a lot of really tight squeezes, considering the debris littering the water. Finally, you make it to the waiting Chinook, assuring your escape.

In a level called Mind the Gap, the SAS team is at Canary Wharf in London. There are some Charity Worldwide Trucks that are suspected of containing weapons or goods for the other side and it is your teamís job to get to the bottom of it. Your team enters a warehouse, through the rain and cover of darkness. First things first, they clear the warehouse of enemies. As they approach the docks, an incredible firefight erupts. When they locate the Charity Worldwide Trucks, they find them empty of contraband, but a chase develops as your team goes after the hostiles. Air support is called in to help and chaos ensues. Debris is everywhere. Car alarms are going off all around you, because after all, you are in what was once the beautiful city of London. The sparkling skyline can still be seen. Soon, the chase leads them to a train station and their job is to stop the subway train because the hostiles are on it and on the run. You commandeer a railway work truck and drive alongside the speeding train, shooting as best you can. Soon, your truck is on the tracks going after the train, and a rapidly approaching oncoming train provides a very narrow miss. Your job now is to kill the hostiles on the train and derail it before it gets away. Doing so causes tremendous destruction, which you must dodge and avoid. The spectacle of destruction is simply awesome to behold.

But what about multiplayer, you say? Well, expect more of the same including the newest features that popped up with Black Ops. I got the opportunity to play a co-op mode called Spec Ops which will allow you to play online, solo (with A.I.) or on Xbox Live. If you are playing locally with another player, the split screen will be diagonal, for easier viewing. In the Survival mode we played, you team up with a partner and fight waves of enemies, much like the zombie mission, but in what appeared to be a bigger outdoor area. There are weapons caches you can tap to refill your ammo and purchase upgrades and if you find yourself low on cash, but your buddy has more money than you, he can actually give some of his money to you to allow you to purchase upgrades you may not otherwise be able to get. You can call in air support, buy a turret gun to handle enemies for you, or just choose to pick off the waves of enemies with just your machine gun and balls of steel. Even though I am not the biggest fan of online play, I really enjoyed this mode and canít wait to play it again Ė after I beat the Single Player Mission, of course.

Taking place across areas like Berlin, Paris, the Himalayas, Africa, New York and London, and looking absolutely gorgeous even this many months out, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is sure to please fans across the board and will explode into stores on November 8, 2011 for the PS3, 360, and PC.