Turtle Beach Headset That's Easy on the Budget


Turtle Beach is known for high quality and, to some degree, corresponding prices. While their prices are reasonable for the quality they provide, they haven't necessarily catered to the entry-level gamer up to this point. However, at E3 2011, they are targeting entry-level 360 gamers with their economical XL1 Headset... patterned after the X11 with improved speakers, but lighter construction and a easy-to-handle price of just $39.95 USD.

And just what do you get for your $39.95, you ask? You get a USB-powered pair of circumaural headphones with 50mm speakers and an In-Line Audio Amplifier with independent volume controls. The XL1 also features a flexible boom microphone, so you can position it where you want it and microphone monitoring, so you can hear yourself in your headphones so you don't have to shout. Bass Boost functionality for richer, deeper bass response that you can feel. All that, and a one year warranty for just $39.95 USD.

Be watching for this one... it's coming "soon."