A Galaxy in Your Pocket


Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is an upcoming MMO for mobile phones from Spacetime Studios. The company name may not sound familiar, but mobile phone owners might know their other game, Pocket Legends. Similar to Blackstar Chronicles, Pocket Legends is a free-to-play MMO for the Android and iOS devices. To date, the game has seen nearly 4.5 million downloads across both platforms and sees regular content upgrades.

Pocket Legends’s success took Spacetime Studios by surprise. At first, no one was sure if anyone would want to play a mobile MMO, but it quickly found an audience, especially with players who wanted a quick dungeon raid heading to work or waiting for their raid party to get together in other MMOs, like World of Warcraft.

Blackstar Chronicles builds on the lessons learned from Pocket Legends, thought the game is actually a little older than its predecessor. The game was originally developed as a PC MMO, but the project never got off its feet. This left Spacetime Studios with lots of lore and backstory to bring into Blackstar’s growing universe.

The game opens with humanity discovering “Fast Gates,” technology that lets them instantaneously travel between planets. Using the technology, humanity is able to colonize the galaxy. The expansion eventually stirs up trouble with the galaxy’s other inhabitants, including renegade robots and reptilian aliens.

Similar to Pocket Legends players choose from one of three classes: Commando, Operative or Engineer. Commandos are warriors and Operatives are akin to rogues. Engineers act similar to mages, though their “magic” is more with machines. Learning from Pocket Legends’s mistakes, players can choose from either a male or female version of their character.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your character with new abilities and equipment. Blackstar Chronicles is free-to-play, though special items are available via in-game purchases. Surprisingly, the most popular for-purchase items in Pocket Legends have been vanity items like hats and clothes.

Combat is touch-based like Pocket Legends, but with a greater emphasis on tactics. Rather than simply bashing enemies, you’ll have to rely on your abilities a little more. Some situations will require a multi-step process, sometimes including other objects in the environment.

With such a deep universe already developed, Blackstar Chronicles has a few storylines already in the can with more on the way. Updates will come frequently after launch, introducing new threats, adventures and equipment.

Although Pocket Legends was originally an iOS-exclusive, Blackstar Chronicles will be available day one for both iOS and Android devices. Because of the game’s custom engine, players of both will be able to carry their character across devices. Players from both devices will share servers as well.

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles releases later this year.